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One To One

The one to one interviews based research facilities offered by us are applied to gain insight of the respondents.

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Product Test

Product Test service offered by us help in analyzing and evaluating the feasibility of certain product in the current market.

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Test Services

The print and media test services offered by us helps us in successfully gathering, evaluating and presenting clients

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Retail Shop

Retail shop audit panel is a well established source of information, and Census mapping is one of the effective formulas in the field

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Our Project

Indian Consumer Insights

A Consumer Electronic Goods and Solutions Company wants to know more about Indian Consumers, their purchase behaviour, decision making process, brand evaluation and image and moreover their perception for foreign brands especially Japanese.

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DMRC Commuters Survey

With the purpose of calculating carbon credits for its second phase of Operation, a detailed study was conducted by DMRC. It also involved the primary surveys of metro commuters at the station of second phase of DMRC.

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Consumer Housewives Panel

To evaluate various product tests and usage pattern for household cleaning and toiletries products, the client has recruited and maintained Housewives panel across various age groups and SECs in Delhi/NCR.The purpose of panel is to study

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  • One Way View Facility

    The qualitative research industry has witnessed major changes over the past few years.
  • Testimonials

    "It has been a pleasure working with RSMRS team. I have been using the services of RSMRS for a while now and what really strikes me is their delivery of promise in terms of quality, cost and timelines. Their pan-India network and ability to conceptualize solutions is something I look forward to. Very few service providers in the MR industry are as technology oriented as RSMRS and this truly is an edge for them. Looking forward to working with them in the years to come.” March 22, 2011
    Cross Tab
    “I have outsourced many projects over the last year or so and R S Market Research Solution has always understood the concept of the subject, and trained its team to deliver and meet the client’s expectations. It has the talent and expertise in all industry verticals; it almost tries to have a solution for every problem.... It was always been a pleasure working with them” March 4, 2010
    Johnson & Johnson Inc.
    “R S Market Research Solutions has supported our data collection needs very well, the team is always accessible, is open to our client’s demands, however big or small, and has all the qualities of a good team. They have found good solutions to challenging problems. The great thing about them is that they come with an open mind and are willing to listen, whatever be your specific need. For a start-up like us, they have been a big support.” February 12, 2010
    “You can bank upon RSMRS for any kind of study in the field of market research. RSMRS is an expert in most of the services and has sufficient forces to carry every task” August 26, 2009
    “RSMRS have turned around quite a few projects for us over the years with excellent output, in time delivery and at very reasonable cost. I am of the view that they haven't let us down ever and I am sure other clients of them share the same feeling. I would recommend everyone to have a team like this working for them.” March 4, 2009
    “Have got the opportunity to work with RSMRS only in projects where we have to cover multi locations and with a good amount of sample and not only they have delivered on time but the data which we have received was very accurate and appreciated by our end client. I strongly recommend RSMRS for any kind of Data Collection work in India.” November 4, 2008
    Unboxed Consulting Middle East and Africa
    RSMRS has extensive experience and knowledge in conducting fieldwork in the Indian market and has a wide network to support across all kinds of fieldwork. Efficiency, timeliness and value are the key reasons we have used RSMRS more than once. Highly recommended
    The Nielsen Company
    The management team is absolutely self-driven and that has helped RSMRS grow to new heights. The team is hard working and open to challenges. Company’s expert resources and their extensive knowledge of MR has been company’s core capital. Wishing RSMRS all the best !